Favorite Colors allows you to express yourself in colors! What color do you like, what color do you hate. You may also find yourself facing two colors you dislike or two colors you like a lot, and you have to chose one.
This exercise will help you relax, and help you find your inner self. Enjoy.

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I prefer SkyBlue I prefer ForestGreen

DodgerBlue was a winner against BurlyWood
BurlyWood has a win rate of 53.68%

AliceBlue was a winner against ForestGreen
ForestGreen has a win rate of 44.89%

DarkSlateBlue was a winner against BlueViolet
BlueViolet has a win rate of 52.53%

Peru was a winner against PaleTurquoise
Peru has a win rate of 45.82%

DarkSlateGray was a winner against Orchid
Orchid has a win rate of 51.55%

SteelBlue was a winner against IndianRed
SteelBlue has a win rate of 52.27%

Snow was a winner against ForestGreen
ForestGreen has a win rate of 51.97%

LightSteelBlue was a winner against SeaShell
SeaShell has a win rate of 46.85%

Gold was a winner against White
White has a win rate of 52.33%

SeaShell was a winner against PowderBlue
PowderBlue has a win rate of 51.32%

AntiqueWhite was a winner against LightGrey
LightGrey has a win rate of 53.14%

BlueViolet was a winner against SlateGray
SlateGray has a win rate of 51.13%

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WASHINGTON -- Goodbye danger defined as yellow, orange and red. The Homeland Security Department is looking to scrap the five-tiered color-coded terror warning system in favor of a streamlined one with as few as two alerts. The post-9/11, Bush-era system has been criticized as too vague to be useful...
Color-coded terror alerts may end (Wed, 24 Nov 2010 06:45:46 -0800)
The Homeland Security Department is proposing to discontinue the color-coded terror alert system that became a symbol of the country's post-9/11 jitters and the butt of late-night talk show jokes.
Color-Coded Terror Alerts to Be Dropped by Homeland Security (Wed, 24 Nov 2010 03:24:02 -0800)
The color-coded system was long the subject of jokes, and critics said it did little good.